Catskill Mountain Beekeepers' Bylaws

Article I — Name
The name of the Club is the Catskill Mountain Beekeepers Club.

Article II — Purpose and Objectives of the Club
The purpose and objectives of the Club are:
Serve as a resource to local beekeepers. Educate the community about the joys, skills and fruits of beekeeping. Provide an outlet for the membership to sell member-produced honey and other hive products. Recruit new members. Foster interactions with the agricultural community and other beekeeping organizations.

Article III - Membership
Membership in the Club shall be of two kinds: (1) active and (2) honorary.

Active Membership
Any person who is regularly enrolled in the club and has paid dues.The active member shall be considered in good standing when: The member shows interest and takes part in the affairs of the club. The member pays dues regularly and acts in a manner consistent with the ideals and bylaws of the club

Honorary Membership
Honorary membership shall be considered for anyone who has rendered outstanding service to furthering beekeeping. Honorary members may be elected by a majority vote of members present at any regular meeting. Honorary membership will be for life and will not require payment of dues.

Article IV — Governance

Section A — Officers
The elected officers of the club shall be President, Vice President, Secretary, Treasurer, and Members of the Board.

Section B — Duties
The newly elected officers shall hold their respective offices for a one (1) year term.

Members of the Board
The Board shall include the Officers and other elected Board members as defined herein. It shall be the duty of this board to advise and make recommendations to the Club with respect to the conduct of the activities and the purpose of the Club. The Board can act upon matters of immediate concern and are obligated to present their actions at the next general membership meeting.

The President presides over the meetings of the Catskill Mountain Beekeepers Club and over the meetings of the Board. The President shall appoint all committees and may serve as Ex officio of these committees. It is also the President’s duty to represent the Catskill Mountain Beekeepers Club in all state and national meetings when possible, or designate someone to act on his or her behalf. The President also may call special meetings as needed and confer with the Secretary about meeting notices and other correspondence. 

Vice President
The Vice-President, under the direction of the President, cares for the welfare of the club. In case the office of the President becomes vacant, the Vice President shall assume the duties of the President, arrange for refreshments for each club meeting, and in conjunction with the President and the Board, arrange for a program at each club meeting and make all contacts with speakers or designate someone else to do so.

The Secretary shall conduct all correspondence for the club and report about meetings to the membership. The Secretary shall conduct any other duties common to such an office and as directed by the Board.  She or he will send meeting notices to members, potential members and the press, maintain a current mailing list, record minutes at all meetings and present them at the following meeting, write correspondence on behalf of the club, and confer with the President and other members of the Board to obtain information for the meeting notices.  The Secretary is also responsible for sending press and media notices of all special events or designate someone else to do the same, be in charge of promotional mailings, arrange for filing application for special promotional events, e.g., charity bazaar, county fairs, other shows, and receive and act upon requests to the Club from schools and other groups for presentations about beekeeping and contact members to do the program when feasible.

The Treasurer is responsible for the custody of all funds and other assets of the Club except as otherwise directed by the Board. The Treasurer shall keep records of all dues and other income to the club. The Treasurer is responsible for timely payment of any outstanding bills and shall perform any other duties that may be described by the Board. The Treasurer shall have the authority to pay all ordinary and regular expenses. The Treasurer is responsible for keeping all funds of the club in a checking account, keeping accurate and detailed financial records for the fiscal year (calendar year), presenting a Treasurer’s report at all meetings, stating all income and expenditures for the period, and a balance. The Treasurer is also responsible for cooperating with the Secretary when sending notices of dues payment and maintaining a paid membership list, and arranging and paying for a meeting place, if necessary.  

Section C — Election of Officers and Board Members

Based on nominations from the general membership and board, officers shall be elected by a majority vote of the membership at the December meeting every year.

Section D — Vacancy

Article V - Meetings

Section A
Regular club meetings shall be held on the 2nd Tuesday of every month. Members in good standing shall be notified by mail of time, location, and substance, prior to the meeting.

Section B
The meetings of the Board shall be held on the 2nd Tuesday of every month before the general meeting. The President may call special meetings of the Board at any time. Notice of the meetings shall be given to each member of the Board at least five days prior to the meeting.

Article VI — Fiscal Year

Section A
The fiscal year of the Club shall be the calendar year.

Section B
Any member or members may inspect the books and records of the Club at any reasonable time. Arrangements for such inspections must be made with the Board.

Article VII — Dues

Section A
Membership dues are due on January 1st with a grace period extending to March 31st each year.

Section B
New members joining between September 1st and December 31st will have their dues applied to the following year.

Section C
The amount of dues is to be recommended by the Board, subject to approval of the Club membership.

Article VII — Amendments
Any active member may submit proposed amendments and additions to the constitution and bylaws to the Board. All proposed amendments to the constitution and bylaws shall be adopted if approved by 2/3 of the membership at two consecutive club meetings.